Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spiritual Journey

I just finished writing an essay on my spiritual journey for the Masters of Divinity program i am trying to get into at Denver Seminary. Taking the time to write this essay, twice actually, has been a very good experience for me. I believe that if is worthwhile to take the time to step back and think through what we believe and what has got us there.

For me the process of thinking about my spiritual journey and writing about it has reminded me of my passion for both God as well as the things He has gifted me with. Too often we get so bogged down with our chaotic lives that we forget why we were passionate about something in the first place. For me this has happened in ministry to some extent. Through the frustrations and difficulties that have come with working in the Church i have felt as though i lost some of my passion for these gifts. However as i wrote about why i believe God has gifted me with pastoral leadership skills i found that passion being reignited. God has blessed each and everyone of us with gifts that we are meant to cultivate and use. We should be passionate about these things because they are what God has called us to do.

As i write this today though i know that undoubtedly times will come again when i will face difficulties and the question becomes how to we stay grounded during those times. How do we personally manage to not get get through them, but continue to hold on to the passion Christ has given us? I do not have an answer for this wright now, but i hope that as i continue this journey moving towards seminary i will learn how to better handle the difficulties that life will throw my way without it sucking my passion out of my life.

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