Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blogging and Prayer

I believe that blogging and my prayer life have many similarities, which comes as quite a surprise to me. Both are something i enjoy doing, yet commit too little time to actually partaking in. I have found these past couple weeks i have not spent as much time in prayer as my soul needs. When i sit back and think about it i feel a deep longing in my soul to take more intentional time and sit with the Lord, allowing myself the luxury of just "being" with God and listening to Him. However the Internet, the TV, relationships, work,e-mail,exercise,and a lengthy to do list manage to push this time of prayer further and further down on my list. I feel the same is true for my blogs. I view my blogs as a space to clear my mind a little bit by writing down what i am going through, thinking about, or what has challenged me lately. Almost daily i find myself saying "today i will blog", but rarely has this actually been the reality. This strikes me as amusing since no one actually reads my blog it shouldn't matter what i write or when i write in it, but i personally feel that i must commit to taking the time to write something that is of actual merit. The same is true for my prayer life, i often allow myself to be discouraged to take the time to pray because i feel i can not give God the proper attention or focus He deserves. In turn i end up neglecting Him completely, which i realize is worse then if i were to spend even just five minutes with the Lord. These are both things i intend to work on over the next few weeks, the blogging for my own personal enjoyment and sanity, and my prayer life because the health of my relationship with Christ depends on it.

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