Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Imago Dei

     We as human beings are made in the Image of God. During creation when God created man & woman he said "it is very good", which is the only time in the creation narrative that God refers to something he created as "very good". We are made by God as unique individuals, who reflect Gods image all throughout our beings. So the question becomes since we have been made in the image of God, Imago Dei (Gen 1:27), how does this change the way we live our daily lives?
     Do you live into the fact that you are created in Gods image as you walk out the front door this morning, realizing how beautiful you are? when I think of the characteristics of God I think of a just, love, passionate, forgiving, patient, beautiful, righteous, gracious, and holy God whom I love & praise daily. If I were to live into the reality that I am made in Gods image would I exhibit these characteristics more throughout both my day and my life? Would I allow the Holy Spirit to manifest itself more & more throughout my life to help me possess these Godly characteristics?
     Perhaps if I lived out the fact that I am made in Gods image I would look differently at the man panhandling on the corner or be able to see the Imago Dei in the difficult people I encounter throughout my day. I believe that if I choose to begin to recognize the imago Dei in me I will also begin to see it in others. Once I recognize that those around me, even the people who are sometimes rude, are made in the image of God it changes everything! I challenge you to live into the fact that you were created by God and in His image today & while you do this I encourage you to remember that everyone you talk to today was also made in the image of God. May the shalom of Christ be with you today.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seeking God in the Mornings

As of two and a half weeks ago I started having a regular quiet time in the mornings. I have always struggled to find the "perfect" time to sit down and spend quality time with my savior. Is the best time in the morning, when I am tired and a little bit groggy? Or perhaps the ideal time is in the evening as my day winds down. I have always had a difficult time keeping a consistent time with the Lord. I still make sure I read my Bible and spend some time in prayer, but some days it definitely gets neglected due to my own forgetfulness or business.
These last two or so weeks have been a huge blessing in my life as I have seen the value of keeping a regular time with God. I have seen my relationship grow and I have seen my guilt over not spending this time together drift away. These times in the morning are not always amazing and some mornings it is important to show up and still open myself up to God even if I may not be feeling it. I have been making this time a priority and making an effort for this to be the first thing I do in the morning (besides grabbing some food and coffee as I sit down) before I check my e-mail, shower, or get ready for my day. I am now reaching the point where I am looking forward to the morning. I am excited to get up, make some coffee and curl up on the couch with my Bible, Journal, and Savior and spend some intentional time together. I would encourage you to find a time that works best for you and push yourself to keep it daily. I believe you will see the impact it makes on your day and your own personal spirit as you continue to seek out the Lord daily.
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