Monday, March 5, 2012

The Need to Write

I have been thinking a lot about writing lately, and I have realized that despite my desire to write I often neglect to create space in my day to practice writing. I have had this blog for almost two years and have only published 43 post. Too often throughout my week I am reminded of my desire to blog and yet I chose to fill my time with other activities. I thoroughly enjoy writing and was reminded of this as I cleared out one of my drawers to find 6 journals that I am currently using. This doesn't even count the new journals I have waiting in boxes to be used or my journal with Amy to our much anticipated son.

Needless to say, I enjoy having the space to write down my thoughts. I enjoy being able to read a blog entry from last year or a prayer from 2007 and see both how my relationship with God has changed and how I have changed. I wish I wrote more; however, I believe that the writing requirements of grad school have made me feel as though I have nothing left to say. At times, I ponder what I could blog about and am left questioning if I have anything to offer. Tonight I am trying to remind myself of why I write. While I hope that this blog can be a place of encouragement for those who read it, the real reason I write is to record my process of growth, record what God is teaching me, and remember where I have been. I thought about taking up writing for Lent this year and committing to write daily throughout the 40 days. Despite missing the first week and a half perhaps I will still try to write more this Lenten season.

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