Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Psalm 104

This morning I have been reading Psalm 104 and I am left in sheer amazement at the description David gives of God. The many ways David personifies God gives me such a vivid image of God's might and power that I am left wondering how one could not worship God. I also find myself on the verge of tears because a God so powerful and so amazing, who controls where the water begins and ends, chooses me. Not only has God chosen me, but He deeply cares for me and loves me, a gift I definitely do not deserve. At times I try to earn my salvation by how I live, often losing sight of the amazing fact that it is a gift, and something I cannot earn. However this morning I find myself very content to sit in God's grace, accept it, and cry out to my Father in Heaven Thank you! Thank you!

God You know me better than anyone else and I truly have nothing to hide from You. I lay it all before you, all my sins I've committed throughout my life, all of the times I have doubted You, all of the times I have turned from you and tried to do it on my own. I lay all this at your feet knowing that Jesus' blood has covered it all. I don't know why You chose me and I know I am certainly unworthy, but I cling to You this morning Lord and I cling to the blood of my savior, which has washed me clean. Thank you Lord for sacrificing Your perfect son so I might be forgiven and cleansed, so that I would be able to come before you in all my sin and know that I am forgiven. How merciful you are lord, how loving and kind You are! May I never forget all that you have done and may I live my life in a way that reflects the grace I have received. Amen

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